Saturday, May 8, 2010

Strawberry Everything!

Today was strawberry everything day! I picked a flat yesterday and Dan took the kids and picked 3 more flats today! Cameron having the culinary itch that his father has, made an incredible cheese cake for his Meme and Nana for Mother's Day! So, we just had to make a tasty strawberry topping for that cheese cake! Yummy!
We also cut a bunch of berries to freeze for pies. Freezing didn't end there, we also took whole berries cut the tops off, put them on a tray, and then in the freezer for about an hour. This keeps the berries from being crushed when they are vacuum sealed.
Danny was excited about coating the jumbo berries with chocolate! He takes every opportunity possible to dip something in chocolate. Last week it was spoons for the ladies banquet.
With all the berries that were left, we made 16 jars of jam. Since the berry season is here, we still have some blue and blackberries left over from last season...I think I'll have to make some cobblers or more jam to make some room in the freezer for this years crop!

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  1. Oh those chocolate dipped strawberries look delicious.