Saturday, August 6, 2011

Repost of Scout Banner's

When we lived in California, I had a little side business making banner's for scouts. Each time Cameron would earn a patch, we would stick it in a bag and toss it in a drawer. Too many times, I would hear stories about kids losing their patch vest, so I never even considered displaying Cameron's patches that way.

One Christmas, a friend of ours made a banner for Cameron. Silly me would sew them on as he got them...Cameron had accumulated so many patches that I needed more room. Sadly, I ended up messing his original banner up becasue I pulled out stitches to reposition the patches so many times. I ended up having to make him a new one using the original as a guide.

Then another friend was visiting and saw Cameron's banner on display in his room and asked if I could make one for their son. I considered it and decided, why not? I made a few here and there, then it grew into boy scouts and girl scouts. Living in Los Angeles meant there were a lot of possibilities and a big customer base. So, I was pretty busy visiting packs and troops and making banners. Once I moved back to North Carolina, the customer base was nothing compared to LA, so I decided to put the banners in the attic.

These are Cameron's patches from Cub Scouts. You can check out both of his banners hanging at his Eagle Court of Honor here.

Here is a banner in cub scout colors.

This is a banner in Boy Scout colors.

I gave girl scout banners a try too!

Finally, I did a special order banner for a dear friend's son who made Eagle. His banner was 4 feet wide by 5 feet tall...this kid was very active in scouting and had his entire scout career on this banner! It was an awesome banner, but A LOT of work!
If you look closely in the bottom left corner, I embroidered his name and the date that he made Eagle Scout.


  1. Missing y'all and your creative self! I haven't looked at Cameron's pics or video. We just came off a week away and are gearing up for some company, so I'm slightly busy to say the least... Jonathan is into EVERYTHING and running everywhere. :o) He's too much fun! We just got an ice cream/ frozen yogurt maker and when we get reimbursed for our move, we're going to get the mill. Can't wait to get your input on bread baking. Found a farmer's market here that sells wheat in bulk. I'm putting in my research. Trying to find raw milk providers less than an hour away. The banners are great! Sure miss you guys!

  2. I love this idea! My son is crossing over from Weblo to scouts soon. Do you still make the cub banners? Interested in purchasing one if so. Thanks

  3. Do you still make these? I would love to purchase one for my cub's blue and gold banquet next year.

  4. What were the measurements on the cub scout one(blue/gold)?