Monday, May 23, 2011

Chicken Pen

I'm so sorry that I have neglected my blog over the last couple of weeks, but we've been VERY busy trying to finish several projects before we went on vacation. Today we left town to attend the annual Memorial Day gospel singing at Dominion Valley Park in Stuart, VA. All of our favorite gospel music bands are playing this coming weekend and we are so excited, but we have to wait until Friday. So until then, we are just sitting outside enjoying some beautiful country air, family and wonderful friends.
The big project we were determined to complete before we left town was our chicken pen. We have a protable chicken tractor, but we have 4 little ones that we need to introduce to the flock and our coop would be a little crowded with my 6 hens and the 4 biddies. SO, I begged my wonderful, talented, and very handy hubby (hope he reads this) to build me a pen for my chickens. We were worried we wouldn't finish before we it was time to leave town, but 4 nights of working past dark with head lamps on our head after a long day of work, paid off! We finished our pen, my girls are VERY happy, and the babies have moved in!

Here it is! My big beautiful chicken pen! The coop fits right inside! We wanted to be able to move the coop in and out in case of a bad storm or hurricane. We'd just roll the coop (with the girls) into the shed or garage.

Is it ok that my children like being in the pen?

My girls love that I can come right in and visit with them.

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