Saturday, June 12, 2010

Busy Backyard

Today the chicks are a month old so we decided to introduce them to the big backyard. They really liked running around and Colin and Cassie had fun trying to keep them corralled. At one point, Cassie did panic because one of the babies ran through the fence!
The next couple of pictures are of some flowers I have around my yard. The lilies are transplants that my neighbor gave me last summer and believe it or not, the wild flowers grew from a box of dollar store mix!
You might be wondering what the next picture is of, well, after the wheat is harvested, the leftover stalks are burned. Since wheat drains the nutrients from the soil, the nitrogen from the ash replenishes it for the next crop. This picture is a field near my house that was burning one evening. It was neat watching the flames crawl across the field.
So, I was picking my garden and like usual it was full of zucchini! I thought I was getting them all, but I must have missed this giant one a couple of times! I couldn't believe how big it was!

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  1. Great pictures! Curious how the jumbo zucchini tasted.