Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Where do I begin? We had such a wonderful time on our vacation. Every year for Memorial Day and Labor Day, we travel to Stuart, Virginia. There, we are hosted by Cecil and Barbara Hall at Dominion Valley Park. This wonderful couple devote so much time and love to their park and home; it doesn't matter if your at your camper, by the stage, on the beautiful trails, or by the creek, you feel their warmth and love for the Lord throughout.
My kids are never far from nature here. Colin and his friends caught this Eastern Tiger Swallowtail. It was gorgeous! Cassie spent most of her time in the dirt...or should I say clay! The wonderful orange color stained everything! Bath time was more like a mud treatment at the spa! No matter how messy, I wouldn't trade the memories for a million bucks...they had so much fun! As for Cameron, he and his buddy Josh spent most of their time exploring! Mrs. Barbara was so kind to let the boys use one of her golf carts...those boys were thrilled! They got to drive all of their friends around, do some shooting in the woods, swimming in the creek, and they had fun bombing the little ones with water balloons! Even Rusty made friends. Here's a picture of him and his new friend Chiclet. Rusty loved roaming around...he even did some swimming in the creek!

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