Monday, June 28, 2010

More Jam...and Pie...Yummy!

When we were at church on Sunday, some friends of ours who have a berry farm told us to drop in because their blackberries were coming in! We picked up 5 quarts and thawed some from last season. I was so excited, I told Dave and Kathy I had my jars and cheese cloth all ready to make jelly! They said "Oh, Melissa, you have to try something!" They let me borrow this gadget that removes all the seeds and skin of the fruit...boy did it make the jelly process go quick! GOOD BYE, CHEESE CLOTH! I just have to order one of these before my tomatoes are ripe...this will really speed up canning my tomatoes!
In addition to the blackberries my mom-n-law brought a bunch of plums for me to prepare. Every year Papaw picks plums for me to make him some pies! So, to stretch the pie filling a little further and to take away a little of the tartness, I add strawberries to the pie filling. I was able to make 6 strawberry-plum crumb topped pies. This year, since I'm on a jam and jelly kick, I decided to make him some plum jelly too...can I just say, YUMMY! It was so tasty...too bad I only made two pints worth!

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