Thursday, June 3, 2010

More vacation pics!

Well, we had a mini vacation before our vacation. We spent a couple of days at Dan's parents and did some fishing. The kids knew we were going in the boat and were so excited that they spent two days giving the boat a dry run in the garage! So, I snapped a couple of pictures of them making big plans to drive the boat! I wish I could say we caught some fish, but we came home with nothing. The kids reeled in quite a few, but none were big enough to keep!
So, you might be asking, "Why is there a picture of Cassie with a chicken in the vacation pictures?" Before you say, "I know she didn't!" Let me go ahead and say, "Yes, I did!" The babies need so much care at that stage, that I just couldn't leave them was definitely a hit with all our neighbors, especially the young ones! Take note of how filthy Cassie is; covered in dirt and chocolate ice cream!
I know what some of you are saying about this next one of Cassie. Yes, she takes after mommy and has big feet, but they don't fill those shoes! I guess she got bored and decided to walk around in daddy's for awhile.
This last one was just too cute not to post. This was Cassie trying to get her daddy's attention by taking his things and putting them on. There's another shot of her with his sun glasses on, but I picked this one because I wanted to show those pretty blue peeper's!
I wish I had more pics of the boys to share, but they were busy not hanging out with mom and dad!


  1. I was definitely one of those saying "no, she did not?" about the chickens. You are one dedicated chicken mom. Don't worry, we can baby sit next time. :)

  2. Wow, you are one brave mama taking the chickies along. Definitely a vacation to remember I'm sure!