Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Peaches Already?!

Yep, those are peaches! They are the size of a plum but oh so yummy! The kids and I picked 2 six gallon buckets full! So, our neighbor called in a panic! He had a tree full of ripe peaches that he didn't want to see go to the birds, so he requested some help! Not even paying attention to how many and how fast we were picking, we had our work cut out for us! Colin and Cassie went to work washing and picking out the bad peaches. I put Cameron to work with the knife to quarter them and I got the messy job...pitting! I was worried there wouldn't be any peach left if I peeled them, so I did a little searching and found an old fashioned recipe that didn't require peeling! Once the peaches were pitted, I tossed them in the blender and then it was time to make some jam! We sterilized the jars, poured the jam, and back into the pot the filled jars went to get sealed! 36 jars of peach jam later, we have some in the freezer and believe it or not, there are still 2 giant bowls waiting to be pitted in the refrigerator! We had to take a break, we were peached out after 3 days!

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  1. Ohhhh... fresh peaches are the best! My father-in-law had peach trees in his Virginia Beach backyard and it was such a treat to hand pick them and eat. Yum!