Thursday, July 22, 2010

Birds, Butterflies and an Imposter!

One thing about summer, the birds and bugs are busy! I'll start with an update on my Eastern Blue Bird family. Mom and Dad are busy tending to 3 healthy babies who should be ready to fledge the nest soon. This past week I've been busy canning and one afternoon I happened to notice a Robin fledgling on the rail of my deck. Poor thing looked so scared, but mama was close by. This other pair of baby birds are Barn Swallow fledglings. They were on this perch being fed by their parents. This next one looks like a bird, but it's not! Although, my Hummingbirds have been busy, this is not a's a Hummingbird Moth! Yes that's right, a MOTH! There were 3 of them flying around and we were actually able to hold our hand under it so we could feel the breeze from it's flapping wings. In my photo, you can barely see the wings because they were moving so fast! The butterfly is a Red Admiral...I think! This butterfly bush was full of little critters, but this guy was the only one that would sit still long enough for my to snap a picture.

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