Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Colin's Itty Bitty Big Day

Saturday morning started with Colin requesting an emergency visit to the dentist. Keep in mind he is petrified of the dentist, so if he's asking to go, there must be something wrong! Let me explain...he has been working on a wiggly tooth for a few weeks now. He came to me in a bit of a panic telling me, "Mommy, you need to call the dentist and tell him it's an emergency...I have a tooth he needs to pull." I proceed to tell him that the dentist isn't going to pull his baby tooth. Colin quickly corrects me and says, "He pulled some of my other baby teeth. Why can't he pull this one?" Since I technically was wrong, I needed to think fast. I told Colin that the dentist will only pull your baby teeth if you have a problem with them and he's not going to pull a wiggly baby tooth, so you need to continue trying to pull it. He says, "Look mommy, my fingers just slip off every time I try to pull it...do you have any pliers?" Good grief...once again, I have to think fast. I remembered losing a tooth on an apple, so I give him an apple and he bites with his side teeth...go figure! Then I cut the apple into wedges and again, he bites from the side. I asked him, "Do you want this tooth out?" He says, "YES!" I told him, "Then you need to bite with your wiggly tooth!" He bit and the darn thing didn't come out! Now, he's in a panic because this tooth is dangling there! All I could say was bite again! He bit and the tooth finally came out! He started to turn a little pale because he could taste the blood. Why can't this be easy? I just said eat more apple. Once the trauma wore off, he requested to use the phone and call daddy and the grandma's! He was so proud of that itty bitty tooth that caused so much drama! He spent the rest of the day telling everyone what he did that day and you bet he didn't leave out the fact that he had to take TWO bites of the apple to get that tooth out!

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