Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Remember this card?

WOW...this morning I was doing some catch up reading on my blog roll. When I got to the Diva Coffee Break Design Blog, I noticed they were featuring 3 artists. Since, I try to congratulate the featured artists when I can, I decided to click and see who they were and as I was scrolling I noticed I was one of them. I don't consider myself an artist by any means, so to get recognized as one is a real honor! Check out all the featured artists here and leave them a comment to show your support! Oh my goodness...I'm still in shock!


  1. see I have been telling you for ages that you are awesome!!!

  2. Woohoo, that's awesome, Melissa! That happened to me once with one of the projects I made for Lisa - it's a great feeling! Congrats!