Sunday, August 29, 2010

First official day of our last summer vacation

Our last summer vacation has officially begun! We are camping at Jellystone Park at the Natural Bridge for a few days then we are headed to Stuart, Virginia for the annual Labor Day Gospel Singing. It's been years since we've camped at the Natural Bridge and WOW have they added some great stuff. Today we started early with the Pledge of Allegiance at the flag pole with Yogi, Booboo, and Cindy. From there, Dan, Cameron, and my little Rusty ventured out on a hike to Devil's Marble Yard. While they were hiking, I took the little ones to the rec center to paint, watch a movie and meet some new friends. Cassie painted a beautiful bird house and Colin painted an awesome pirate ship. Once we met back up we had a quick lunch then headed down to the river by bike. After, the river we went to the new water park and jump balloon's...we had a great time playing there! When we were done cooling off, we realized we had a few more hours of sunlight, so we headed into Lexington to visit some historical sites. We saw were Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee were buried, Virginia Military Institute (VMI), and Washington and Lee University. Lexington is so full of history and is really a lovely town to visit. On our drive back to camp, we saw a mother deer and her two fawns by the ranger station...what a beautiful end to a fabulous day!

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