Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chicken Drama

As you may know, there is some severe weather in our area. Yesterday, Danny was in the back yard securing our trailer and saw this hawk scoping out our chickens! I guess all of it's regular food took cover?! I was mortified at the thought that this hawk wanted my girls for dinner. I couldn't believe how close the hawk was...look at it sitting on the fence thinking, "So close, yet so far!" Makes me a little weary of letting our Chihuahua out doors by himself...YIKES!
If the hawk wasn't enough to worry about, our large chicken out casted one of the babies. We noticed that she was laying on the ground and honestly thought she was dead. As we took a closer look, Penelope was just laying on the ground soaking wet. So, we decided to bring her indoors and clean her up. We gave her a blow dry, which she seemed to like. Then, I remembered coming across some diapers in the car...yes, you know what's next! I cut a hole in the diaper for her tail and strapped it on her! My little Penelope has had an exhausting day, so she's just hanging out and enjoying being warm and dry. I hope that's all the chicken drama for today!