Saturday, October 2, 2010

Busch Gardens

Last weekend we surprised the kids with a trip to Busch Gardens. Now that the little ones are a little bigger, there were more things we could do as a family! I think we'd all agree that the bumper cars were the most fun! Colin was able to drive his own car this year and his target was his big brother! This was Cassie's first time on the bumper cars and she loved it! She is our dare devil, she rides all the kiddy rides and wants to ride all the big one point she got upset that she was to little. There was something new on the swings, parents with small children could sit in a double seat! It was so cool, Cassie and Colin both loved it, but Colin was a little uneasy at first! During this time of year, the park gets creepy at night for Hallowscream...which isn't something we really care for, so we always get dinner at the Smokehouse and then call it a day! We had a wonderful day, even if it was 93 in September!

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