Sunday, October 31, 2010

Candy Bomber

Every year the Candy Bomber visits Elizabeth City. My oldest son volunteers with his boy scout troop to help with the event parking cars and the snack stand. Hubby takes the little ones to see all the planes and of course to catch a candy bar attached to a parachutte. I didn't go this year because I was at home with a fabulous group of ladies and we were stamping (more on that in my next post)! I was so excited to get a call from Danny telling me that Colin was old enough to participate in the Young Eagles Program, but immidiately after my excitement, I got a little worried. My little man flying without mom or dad in that little tiny plane...OH MY! Colin won't go near a roller coaster, but loved being way up high in the sky! The funniest thing that they saw was the flying lawn mower and leaf blower. Everyone had a wonderful day and so much to talk about!

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