Sunday, October 24, 2010

My little man turned 7!

My boys are growing up! We celebrated Colin's 7th birthday yesterday. Colin was so anxious about getting candles on his cake that he went searching for them...He says, "Mommy, all we have is a 5...can we use the 5 and add two more to make seven?" What do you say to that? I praised him for having such a good idea and put them on his cake! Our dear friend Thesa made Colin a dinosaur pinata for his birthday. She custom makes these pinatas and they are amazing. So amazing that I hesitated to let the kids hit it, because I wanted it to stay intact! Then I was kindly reminded, "That's what they're for!", so the beating of the dino commenced and he was eventually beheaded. It was a sad moment for me, but then I watched the kids dive after their victory prize and all was wonderful. It was perfect and he LOVED did Cassie and their friends! Grilled brats, victory candy, Dairy Queen Blizzard cake, a Lightsaber, and I can't forget chasing the chickens with the Lightsaber...made for a great day!

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