Friday, December 31, 2010

Only 3 posts this month?

Oh my, I can't believe this month is already coming to an end! We've been so busy and the snow...Oh the snow...every time I turn around I have to dress the kids up to go play in the snow! I can't remember the last time I saw it snow in December and it's already snowed 4 times! We almost had a white Christmas!
The kids love it! I can remember going out as a kid, playing for about 20 minutes and then coming in to put my stuff in the dryer get some cocoa, and maybe venture out when the feeling came back to my toes. Not my kids...either the winter stuff they make these days is tingly finger proof or my boys are tough because once they get all geared up, they stay out for hours! Notice I said my boys...little Miss Cassie Mae comes in when her nose starts to run! That's OK because she gets her apron on and helps me make soup and cocoa for when the boys come in!
In case you were wondering what that picture of the the Star Wars Lego figures is. Well, some curious boys thought it would be funny for mom to find these pictures on her NEW camera!

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