Thursday, January 27, 2011

Winter Birds

Lately, I've been privileged to watch the birds that not only winter here, but also the birds that migrate here. I'll start with the active Robin's. Yesterday, the Robin's were very active. But there was this one that caught my was different than the rest of them. It had some white feathers. How odd? This is called partial albinism. I watched him pick berries off the tree out back and pull worms out of the ground. He was an active little guy!
The next bird or flock of birds is a bit larger. They are Tundra Swan's. Gorgeous big white birds from Canada and loud...does the loud have to do with being Canadian? Just kidding to all my Canadian friends...I love you all! You may notice that not all of these birds are white. Some of them are grey...those are juvenile birds probably born last spring. It's awesome to watch these birds fly over and circle down into the field by my house!

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  1. LOL LOL LOL so that is why my kids are so loud right now! It is the Canadian blood hahahaha.