Monday, March 14, 2011

So much to be thankful for

I'm sure everyone is keeping up with the happenings in Japan and the devastation it is suffering. I don't know about you, but events like this usually cause me to evaluate all that I have and how thankful I am for it. God has blessed me and my family abundantly and for that I am very grateful. I do question if we'd be prepared if we were to suffer a devastating natural disaster. Yes, I have more put away than other's, but could we sustain ourselves and help others for any length of time...No, I don't believe so. Got some work to do!

Speaking of being blessed, we visited some friends that we just don't visit enough and I have to say, am in awe of their talents and wish to learn more. I didn't snap any picture's of the quilts my dear friend was working on (like 25 different and absolutely amazing quilt tops) most of which were for project Linus! What a ministry...I'm definitely inspired!

I did however snap some photo's of their other hobbies; chickens, gardening, and bees!

We were on standby all week for the birth of some little chic's and we got the call Friday evening. Already in PJ's we rushed down to see the new arrival! The poor little baby had a tough time, but it finally arrived Saturday morning and the little fluff ball was precious!

Here's one of the little darlings that hatched the night before! Sadly, we missed the arrival of the first two, so I was determined not to miss #3! They are SO SWEET!

So we went back to their house Sunday between church services to see all the little critters. Like me, they are loving the beautiful warm weather we are having!

This is Big Daddy! He is a very beautiful and sweet Rhode Island Red Rooster.

I could have watched these amazing honey bees all day. They didn't bother me a bit, in fact I comfortably stood just a couple of feet from their hive. The buzz of hundreds (maybe thousands) of bees is incredible. I did have to crouch down, because I stood right in their flight path, but still they weren't concerned with me...only their mission! Honey bees are very fascinating and I'm looking forward to learning more.

Aren't these peach blossoms beautiful? I was hoping to catch a busy bee in action, but they were traveling to some blossoming pear trees in the neighbor's yard.

What is this? Well it is my gracious neighbor's egg incubator! When I was given the offer to borrow this, I was like a kid at Christmas! We are hatching 2 Americana's (those are the green one's) and 1 Barred Rock (the dark brown one). Well, they won't be pure breeds because Big Daddy is the daddy. So, what kind of chick's will I have? They will be referred to as sex lings which is a term for chick's with parents of different breeds. As far as their looks, I'm not sure, but I can't wait to find out!

I'll definitely keep you posted on these little ones! Their due date is in about 20 days...check back to see the little peeps! Today, I am thankful for the wonderful people God has put in my path!


  1. Wow, you mirrored my thoughts exactly. I just came in from doing chores, it's a beatiful calm morning here. I read the news this morning and saw the newest pictures from Japan that brought tears to my eyes. I am overwhelmed at how everything seems "right" in my little world, but those in Japan are dealing with such horrific things... Makes you think for sure. And I'm headed to town today to work on beefing up our preparedness supplies even more...
    Thanks for sharing this post at the Homestead Barn Hop!

  2. hi there I am jumping over from the Homestead Barn Hop.Congratualtions on hatching your eggs.We have 2 incubators that have been busy hatching Silkies,it can be a very great thing to do for homeschooling.
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  3. ok this is just too wierd!! On Saturday I was in a quilt class and one of the ladies has bees! so I started to think with the amount of honey that I go through it would be certainly worthwhile to check into!!!!