Sunday, March 20, 2011

Traveling Farm?

Yesterday, we went to a birthday party for our friend's daughter Evelyn. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVELYN! Evelyn had the best birthday party ever! These little creatures visit nursing homes and children's birthday parties. It was obvious that they got lots of attention because they loved the affection they were getting from all the little hands hugging and touching them!

Was it wrong of me to have more fun than the kids? I kinda think I did...maybe I didn't, but I was definitely in my own little fantasy farm world!

Here's Peaches, my new little Frizzle friend! Love the doo!

Isn't he sweet? He was a fainter!

This is Chief, the Alpaca! Have you ever watched a cartoon when the boy character sees the most beautiful girl he's ever laid eyes on and he floats off the floor and hearts pop out of his eyes? Well, that's what happened when I saw Chief...I fell in's OK, Danny already knows! Still thinking of Chief this morning, I decided to ask Danny what he thought about Chief...he says, "Well, he kinda reminded me of you!" HUH? Then he says, "You know when they were loading up all the animals and Chief started to hum and pace back and forth as if he were worried they were going to leave him?" OK. Danny says, "Chief was you in Alpaca form...worried!" Is that a sign?

These big bunnies were Colin's new Pal's! They were so big and SO SOFT!

This was Cassie's favorite little friend! This little cutie was a goat-sheep cross.

This is an Indian Runner Duck...they run...not fly! She was so sweet and probably Danny's favorite of the back yard barn animals! Do I see a duck in our future?

I didn't catch Cameron checking out any of the animals, but this arrived yesterday! WHAAAAAA...first he turns 17, now his class ring...why'd this have to happen in the same week...WHAAAAAA!

OK, I wanted to ask her what her name was, but I just couldn't disturb her nap time! Isn't she adorable!


  1. What a wonderful story about my animals! Thank you so much and I would love to share this story with everyone! The goat's name sleeping is "Oobie" and he's such a character! The funniest goat on the farm, besides "Mickey Blue Eye's" who faints at everything! Poor guy...but we love him SOOO much!

    I would really love some pictures if you could share them with me!

  2. Gosh, Thank you so much, I enjoyed my time talking with you. I am book-marking your blog in case I have homeschool questions next year (which I will). I hope that is okay, also may I have the name of your sat TV company??? Be proud of your fabulous children, you and Danny have done a great job, I only hope we can do 3/4's as well. :). My mom and I would love to see more pictures that you and Danny took, the ones here are so beautiful. Thanks for the great blog and the great conversation....the boys are helping us make table socks as gifts for the family!