Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day Banquet

It's finally done...that is until next year! This year's Mother-Daughter Banquet was a huge success. We usually average about 65 ladies, but this year we had 86 sign up! Everything we did had to be done 86 times! The food was awesome, the door prizes were amazing and the special guests were incredible! If this event grows like it did this year, we'll have to find another venue to hold our event! What a blessing to have this special event grow! I have to admit, I did get a tad worried at one point, because Robin would call me and say can you add 2 more, can you add 4 more, can you add 3 more...as my stack of paper dwindled away, I feared I would run out! Thankfully, I didn't run out, but I did use every piece I ordered...I had the perfect amount! However, 3 nights before the big day, I started setting up and when I started counting plates and glasses (no paper for this event), I found out that we didn't have enough! So, I searched a few stores and found a few great bargains and we were back in business...that was close!

I believe this year was such a huge success, because of our talented and very loved special guests...Josh and Christi Williams, who just happen to be my neighbors...Lucky me! When this couple sings, you can just hear, see, and feel God's love pour from their hearts. If you are local to Elizabeth City, NC and you have an opportunity to see the Barry Overman family perform, all I can say is go see them, because chances are you will see Josh and Christi with them. Not only will you be entertained, but you will be tremendously blessed by the entire group!

Everyone had a name card and favor. As I was filling bags, cutting, folding, punching and tying ribbon, my son says, "you have to do every single little step 86 times!" Yep, I sure do, thanks for reminding me!
My wonderful and very talented hubby made old-fashioned pineapple glass candy for me to put inside of all the favors and I must say it was a HUGE hit!

My friend Carole designed the center pieces. Sadly, her father passed away and she had to leave town for a couple of weeks. I didn't want her to have another thing to worry about, so I went and got the materials from her and finished up the center pieces. One special lady at each table took one home. Let me just say, when they were told who the winner at each table was, the winners picked up their prize and wouldn't set it down! I'd have to say they were a hit too!

This is a photo of my mom (right), my mom-n-law (left), and me at the banquet. I was so glad that they could share this wonderful Mother's Day with me.
Notice the picture in the back ground...my friend Joan painted that just for our banquet! This photo certainly doesn't do it justice, because it was absolutely gorgeous!


  1. It was a beautiful banquet! You should be really proud. Ms. Brenda was so excited about her centerpiece and tell Dan that the candy was super!

  2. Looks great! You did a wonderful job!