Thursday, July 21, 2011

2011-12 Curriculum!

Our curriculum has arrived! It's always exciting when the boxes begin to arrive! Yesterday, Colin and Cassie's books arrived. Today, Cameron's books arrived. Now all we need are the DVD's that go with all these books!

Last year, the kids did Bob Jones University's DVD curriculm. Overall, we loved it! All of my children are auditory learners...for me (a person who can't sit still) to sit and read the material to them, is difficult to do with 3 kids. BJU's DVD option was perfect not only for the kids, but for me! There were fewer arguments and the kids actually enjoyed their teachers...they enjoyed listening to them better than boring ol' mom!

Unfortunately, we had a few issues ordering this years 12th grade subjects. Bob Jones just didn't offer much of a selection for electives and they weren't very flexible with what they offered for each grade. I began to worry...a I prayed that there was an alternative. Then I remembered a friend telling me that A Beka Academy had a DVD option. So, I immidiately looked into it! I used A Beka Book way back when and loved it, but over the years, for medical reason's mostly, we had to switch. Anyway, I loved what I saw and we made the choice to use A Beka Academy for all 3 kids this year! I'm excited, they're excited...we're all happy and can't wait to start school...after our trip to Yellowstone! What better way to start a school year than a field trip across the country!

These are Cassie's books. She is starting Kindergarten for 5 year olds. It will cover: Bible, Phonics/Reading, Readiness Skills/Art, Cursive Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies. She is so excited and wants to start today!

Here are Colin's books. He's starting the 3rd grade. Getting his books brought back a lot of memories, because we started homeschooling Cameron when he started the 3rd grade with A Beka Book. I can't believe my big boy will graduate this year and my baby boy is starting the 3rd grade. I still feel like a beginner, but this is my 10th year of homeschooling! I can't believe it! Getting back on track...Colin's day will consist of Reading, Language, Spelling, Penmanship, Arithmatic, Science, Health, History, and Art.

Cameron got 3 boxes of books all to himself! He's actually looking forward to this year...probably because he sees the finish line! He was a little shy in the elective credit department, so aside from the regular 12th grade requirements, he has a small handfull of electives to complete. All of which, accept Speech, he is interested in, so they shouldn't be overly demanding. He will be doing Government/Economics, Chemistry, Consumer Math, English 12, Health, Document Processing, Speech, and Food & Family Management.

Along with all the Teacher's Manual's, here is an additional stack of DVD Manual's. These lay out a schedule for how to administer each days work. The thing I love most about A Beka, is that they don't leave anything out. There isn't much thinking involved on my part because they lay everything out for you! Being less of a teacher and more of an administrator, leaves more time for me to be mom and wife, to cook, clean, garden, sew, and everything else on my to do list! Last year I must have printed thousands of additional pages of worksheets, study guides, tests & quizzes, calendars, and more. Not this year, A Beka provides every little thing you need!

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  1. I always love it when we get new curriculum stuff too. :o)