Thursday, August 25, 2011

Further West

We are having a fantastic time! Since I'm sleepy, I'll skip the words and get right to the pictures.

We visited Mount Rushmore at night. The presentation was fantastic! They did a tribute to the veteran's and the local boy scout troop did the flag ceremony.

The kids have been doing Junior Ranger programs at the parks we visit. So far they have earned: Mt. Rushmore, Devil's Tower, and Yellowstone. Tomorrow, they will complete the Grand Teton's badge.

We finally made it to Wyoming! The first stop we made, was Devil's Tower.

We passed through a little town called Thermopolis. Danny and I both fell in love with this little town. There were hot springs that you could swim in, but that's not what grabbed our attention. It was the curvy canyon road that had a river running next to it. The road was on one side of the river and the train tracks were on the other and the fly fishermen were in the middle!

On our first day in Jackson Hole there was a Scottish Festival. Danny loves bagpipes!

We had to do the touristy thing and get a family photo under the elk antler arch.

Grand Teton and its neighboring peaks are stunning. You can see the glaciers on them. Jackson averages about 60 feet of snow a year! No AC needed here!

This young bull moose roams the resort we are staying at! We were driving in and he was on the side of the road chomping on trees! We were about 20 feet from him (in our car) and he wasn't bothered by us a bit!

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