Friday, September 2, 2011

A day on the Snake River

On Thursday, of our week in Jackson Hole, Danny and Cameron spent the morning rafting down the Snake River. They had so much fun...

So, the river looks pretty calm at this point...Click HERE to see the action shots that were taken by Floatograph. The pictures were taken at the rapid set called the Big Kahuna! Cameron "rode the bull" or sat on the nose of the raft through this set!

This is just one of the Bald Eagles they spotted on their trip.

After picking Danny and Cam up from their rafting trip, we headed over to the Laurance Rockefeller Preserve. Danny and Cam went on a hike at Phelps Lake. While the little ones and I went to the Ranger Station to see a ranger presentation about the grizzly and black bears native to the park. The presentation was the last requirement they needed to complete their Grand Teton Junior Ranger Badge. The photo is of a mosaic made up of tiny pictures of different plants, animals, and rock formations in the park.

Those aren't twigs in a, this is the view from the top of Jumping Rock and those are actually logs about 10 feet below the surface of the water. Just past that pile of logs was a very deep drop off. Cameron and Danny weren't going to hike 2 miles to Jumping Rock and turn around. WARNING: Grandma's, you will want to skip the next part of this post.

That's Cam thinking about it. Will he do it?

Yes, he will!

OK, Danny's turn! He looks ready...will he jump?

Wait a second...he turned around...did he change his mind?

Nope...he got a running start! I think they momentarily lost their marbles...CRAZY BOYS!

Friday, Danny, Colin, and myself took the same rafting trip down the Snake River. This is my little Buddy showing us how he was going to ride through the rapids. His excitement got everyone in the raft excited!

Did I look cheesy? Just a little! It was SOOOO much fun...and our crew was fantastic!

Dan voluntarily went over board!

I had to jump in rescue the love of my life!

To become a member of the Snake River Swim Team, you had to go over board. My little man wanted to be a member and earn his swim bracelet, so he eased his way into the chilly water. I think he has more sense than the rest of us! I almost check out the Floatographs from our trip click HERE.

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  1. Tell Cam that I "rode the bull" on our trip down the Snake R. BEST white water trip I've ever been on. Love the pictures of y'all on the river! Glad you're having so much fun!