Saturday, October 29, 2011

Best Birthday Suprise Ever!

Oh, what a wonderful day!
Let me back up a few weeks. This year my littlest man turned 8, on October 17th to be exact. He had a request that warmed my heart. You see, his cousin Noah's birthday is also in October. He tells me, "Mom, I don't want to celebrate my birthday on my birthday this year, I want to have my birthday with Noah." That sounded fine to me, we just needed to work out a few details.
Let me side track for a moment...Noah's father has been deployed on the USS Bush since May. We all try to share details from home with Brian so that he doesn't feel like he's missing too much. When he shared that he was one of the crew members that was selected to fly home a month early, we were thrilled! SO, we immediately started brain storming about how we could make this the biggest and best birthday surprise ever!
Everything began to fall into place! There were a couple of hiccups with his flight, but it all worked out and he arrived home about 36 hours before the party. Brian could hardly keep it a secret he was anticipating seeing his babies for so long.
Dan had everything planned perfectly. His plan was to cue me when Brian was in the driveway to start the prayer over the meal, so just as we finished, Brian would walk in the door. Dan gave the signal and we asked the blessing over the boys, the food, and then a special prayer request for Brian to have a quick and safe return home. While I was praying, Dan gave a phone cue to Brian that we were praying so that he would know just when to walk in.
Well, what can I say...for the next 10 minutes, there were shouts of joy, lots of hugs and not a dry eye in the house! I do believe that this was the best birthday surprise ever! Happy Birthday, Noah and Colin! Welcome home, Brian!

This is Hannah and Noah enjoying a wonderful, long awaited hug from their Daddy!

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