Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Decorating

I've enjoyed seeing all the different ways people decorate for Christmas. We've seen some spectacular light displays on homes in our community. What I've enjoyed most is seeing all of the beautiful handmade decorations at my fellow bloggers blog's...

Isn't this beautiful? I just love this idea! You can check this and many other ideas out at Teaching Good Things

For the last couple of years we've gotten our tree at friend's big red barn! When we got it home and Danny was getting it set up, he says, "Who's idea was it to bring a tree in the house?" Me being who I am said, "Well, I guess it was mine." In his frustration, lets just say that wasn't the answer he was looking for. Trying to keep from laughing, I had to ask, "What's wrong?" He didn't respond, just a grumble, that is until he started stringing the brand new lights that only 2/3 of worked. Again, he asks in his frustrated voice, "Who's idea was it to bring a tree in the house...and put lights on it?" Knowing he wasn't looking for the first answer I gave him, I had to giggle and respond, "Me, dear." So, we managed to gather some working lights together and got our tree decorated.

The kids are constantly rearranging the ornaments and moving them from tree to tree. Yes, we have more than one tree! The kids look forward to getting an ornament from their Me-Me and Pa-Paw every year. Throw in all the ornaments they make each year, that equals a lot of ornaments! To remedy this, we got the kids their own little tree to hang all of their personal ornaments on. This is a picture of Colin's tree...he LOVES his nut crackers! This year he asked me to make him a yo-yo garland like the one I purchased for Cassie's tree at a craft fair last year. The yo-yo garland is probably my favorite decoration because I used scraps from quilts I've made over the years, so each scrap has a memory.

One more thing I wanted to share was how I display our Christmas cards. There were some neat idea's at the Barn Hop this week!

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