Saturday, December 10, 2011


We were invited to pick-up pecans with some friends from church. If you ever need a way to keep your youngin's busy, take them to pick-up pecans and then let them shell them! There is nothing like fresh pecans. I think we ate as many as we bagged. Rusty, the dog, was even begging for the tasty treat! We ended up bagging 5 quarts...they will be SO yummy in Pecan Sandies or a pecan pie! MMMMMM!

Colin and Cassie hard at work!

Colin was in charge of the pecan cracker!

Miss Cassie wasn't strong enough to use the cracker, but she didn't mind, because she got to eat more picking out the shells.

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  1. So fun to see an update! I love pecans and it looks like the kids had great fun. :o) Hope your advent season has been wonderful and very special. Missing y'all. Enjoy preparing for the BIG 12/25 Birthday Celebration!!! Love and hugs to all.