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Chica-ma what? Chicamacomico was a life saving station on the Outer Banks of North Carolina in the village of Rodanthe on Hatteras Island. The station was commissioned on December 4, 1874 with Benjamin Pugh as Keeper. Before the US Coast Guard, there was the Revenue Cutter Service and the US Life-Saving Service. The two services merged in 1915 and became what we know today as the United States Coast Guard.

Danny is still in the process of indoctrination for Chief. I am SO glad to say that indoctrination is not what it used to be! They are team building and community service oriented. Last week, Dan and his team volunteered to do the reenactment of a rescue at Chicamacomico. If you're interested, the Chicamacomico reenactments are done every week throughout the summer months.

Here the team is wheeling the rescue cart out of the boat house. Danny is on the far front handle of the cart in this photo.

They had to push this cart to a sandy clearing. The post in the distance on the left will be the focal point of this reenactment. It represents the mast of a ship that has wrecked.

You can see that each man has a very important role: A rescue line must be strategically placed on the each side of a pulley; several men take turns digging a 3 foot deep by 3 foot round hole for a sand anchor; and the cannon must be set up and loaded.

Keep in mind that this was normally done during a storm in wet sand. The purpose of the cannon is to shoot a rescue line over the mast of the ship.

The line is then tied to the mast.

After the line is secured to the mast, it must also be secured to the sand anchor.

Here the line is lifted off the ground and a Bosun's Chair is sent up to the abandoned crew.

Here the weathered crewman is brought to safety! This process took these guys 20 minutes from start to finish and they were movin'! The crowd was impressed with their perfect performance. However, back in the day if a team couldn't do it in 5 minutes they no longer had a job!

The event wouldn't be complete without an H60 flyover. The team burst into song singing the Coast Guard Anthem!

The kids were excited when they were given the "go ahead" to dig up the sand anchor! Colin worked up a sweat digging until the anchor was free.

The shovel weighed almost as much as her, but she gave it her all! Eventually, resorting back to using her hands.

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