Wednesday, April 11, 2012


We love to go fishin'! Friday when Dan got off work he asked if we'd like to go and of course we said YES! We ventured out to a friend's berry, grape and fig farm to fish their canal banks. They have a beautiful place out in the swamp that's full of wildlife. We headed out about 6:30 and when we got there, the fish were jumpin'...that's a good sign! After we dug up some worms we got the hooks baited and lines in the water.

It wasn't 5 minutes and Colin yelled, "I got one!" He pulled in a nice speckle.

Miss Independent wanted to do her own casting and wouldn't you know, she got one all by herself! She did panic a little trying reel it in, but she did it and was SO excited!

"YaHoo, I got another one!", shouted Colin. This time it was a large mouth Bass.

Cassie had her fill after reeling in her Sunfish and went to play with the dogs and visit with the chickens. So, I got a turn to fish with her little pink rod! I avoided catching a turtle and it wasn't long before I reeled in a Large Mouth Bass too!

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