Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sunshine Award!

I've only been blogging for a month now and already I am the recipient of an award! I can't thank my dear friend Pam Browne enough for honoring me! I have to tell you about Pam a little. She is a constant source of fun, laughter and support. From the first time I met Pam, she took me under her wing and has encouraged and inspired me to take the next step. Pam you are a wonderful person and someone I can call "FRIEND"! Thanks for everything...especially this award!

OK...enough of the mushy stuff! Being the recipient of this award comes with a little work. I have to also honor 12 people who have been a source of inspiration for me through their blog! I'm not an experienced blogger, so I don't have 12, but the ones I have chosen are ladies I look up to and their fabulous work keeps me clicking for more!

1. Pam Browne (it's only fair that I make you #1, because you honored me!)
2. Lisa Freeman (she is my fabulous upline who makes me step out of my comfort zone!)
3. Debbie Keane (another great stampin' friend that encourages me!)

These next 4 are not ladies that I have formerly met, but they have been a huge source of inspiration for me and I want to thank them! Thank You!

4. Melissa Riker
5. Monika Davis
6. Sandi MacIver
7. Angie Kennedy Juda

It is such a wonderful feeling to be recognized for talent. I hope that you lift someones spirit by sharing this award!

Here are the rules:

1. Put the Sunshine Award on your blog and/or within your post.
2. Pass the award to 12 other bloggers.
3. Link the nominees within your post.
4. Let them know they received this award by leaving a comment on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to the person from whom you received the award.

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