Friday, April 30, 2010

Sign's of Spring

Well, I had to give an update on The Finch Family. She is incubating 6 eggs...we should have babies in the next 10-12 days! Mama Finch won't let me get a good photo of her sitting on the nest, so I decided to take some other spring photo's. While we were inspecting our tree's for other nest's, my son came across a couple of broken Robin eggs. When we looked up, we found a Robin's nest! The nest is too high for us to see any babies, but there are definitely sign's of life! The other photo was one my kids made me take of our friend Mr. Toad. He lives in our garden and was hanging out near our strawberries today! He was very hot, so I decided to turn on the sprinkler. He hopped right into a little puddle that formed and looked very refreshed!

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