Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Natural Bridge

Today we spent our day seeing all the attractions at the Natural Bridge. You walk a path that's about a mile long. The first stop on the path is the bridge and it is just amazing. Cameron and I took some neat photo's...we laid down on the ground and took some pictures looking straight up! George Washington scaled the wall and carved his initials after he surveyed the area. Next on the trail was a small Indian village. There we saw how the natives lived. After learning about the natives, we continued down the trail to see the Lost River and Lace Falls. After walking the trail and seeing the sites, we visited the Natural Bridge Caverns. They are the deepest in the east. In one of the pictures, you'll see a rock that has a black spot on it...it was actually a bat hanging from the ceiling. After hiking the trail at the bridge in the heat, the nice cool caverns were a relief. After two long hikes, we took a tour of the wax and toy museums. The wax museum was neat and creepy. At the toy museum, we saw toys from the 1700's all the way up to present day...I had to take a picture of the New Kids on the Block dolls for my BFF Janice!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! That is one place that I had planned to visit but we never got there.