Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Walton's Mountain

I've been waiting to visit Walton's Mountain since Christmas and we finally went! Danny bought me the entire Walton's series this past Christmas. Over the last few months, our family has enjoyed watching the series. Getting to visit the home town of Earl Hamner, the writer of the Walton's, was just like stepping into the show. Earl Hamner based the Walton's on his own life. We got to see the school he graduated from, the church his family attended, and the home where the Hamner family lived. There was also a soapstone quarry the the town once thrived on. The Rockfish River and the Norfolk and Southern Railroad ran through the town of Schuyler, Virginia. The museum had so much wonderful information on the Hamner family as well as the actor's from the Walton's series. The museum also had rooms that can be seen on the show like the kitchen, living room, John boy's bedroom, Ike Godsey's store, and the Baldwin sister's parlor. I thought the most interesting fact I learned was, Kami Cotler (the actress who played Elizabeth, the youngest Walton child) taught as a school teacher for three years in that small town. She still works in the education field, but eventually returned to California.

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  1. Glad you guys got to go visit. We took my mom & dad there about 10 years ago. Mom really enjoyed it!