Saturday, April 16, 2011

Till Time!

We finally had time to get our garden tilled! was so exciting to see all of the beautiful dirt ready for work! Danny added a couple of extra rows this year because I'm going to plant more root veggies. I'll still have squash, tomatoes, peppers, bush beans, crowder peas, etc. OH, I can't wait! Today, while I plant, Danny will be building our new chicken yard! They'll need the room when these little ones are ready to move outside.

While Danny was tilling the little ones would go around the edge and sweep the dirt back in! There's just something about that hard working man that I absolutely love!

Colin got his turn at tilling!

Cassie wanted a turn too!

Then we let the girls have a shot at tilling! They did great and loved every second!

All of our blueberry bushes are hanging full of blooms like this one!

I wish you could smell this Carolina's gorgeous!

I was so glad to see these red tulips come first there were only yellow ones!

I can't forget the blackberries...they're growing strong too!

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  1. Ah gardenin in spring and baby chicks, this is life. See my blog for soem spring pictures and teaching ideas.