Thursday, April 14, 2011

10 and 11 days old!

The one with the white in its wings is 11 days old and I believe it's a girl. The other one with the dark strip down its back is 10 days old and I believe it's a boy. I won't tell you why I think one's a boy and one's a girl...lets just say I saw something on one and not the other!
Aren't they SO CUTE...they're fun too! Everyone in the house stops to talk to the babies every time we walk past the brooder. So I decided to take the babies out into the big world today...OK, we actually introduced them the other day, but they looked like they wanted to go outside and enjoy the beautiful sunshine again today!

"Let me get that!"

"You shouldn't rush through grooming!"

Look at those pretty feathers coming in!

Didn't expect that breeze!

Sure looks big out there!

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