Wednesday, June 8, 2011

More DC Photo's

Here is an image of what I was talking about in my last Washington Mall post. If you look up through the center pillar, this is what you saw. The Eagle's were giant and the way they were positioned made it look like they were floating with the ribbon in their mouth holding the wreath. That was a mouth full and I'm not sure I communicated it very was just beautiful!

After the WWII Memorial, we headed towards the Reflection Pond. Sadly, it was under construction due to a problem with leaks and this was what it looked like.

While walking to our next site, a gentleman selling water offered Cassie and Colin a peanut to feed to the squirrels. It was so neat to see them so close. This one walked up and just took the peanut out of her hand then went to find a spot to bury it.

Here's Colin feeding another squirrel. These little park friends must be very used to people, because they were very healthy and very friendly. This little guy took his nut and started eating it right there.

This is another memorial that I don't remember seeing when I was in DC as a teen. These figures were only part of the Korean War Memorial. This memorial had a wall similar to the Vietnam Memorial except instead of names it had faces etched all over it.

From there we went to the Lincoln Memorial. Colin thought it was so neat to see the actual memorial that's on the back of a tiny penny. If you notice, one hand is open and one hand is closed. The closed hand represents the strength and determination he needed for his Presidency and the open hand represents the compassion and respect he showed to all people.

Well, I still have more photo's of DC, but that's all for today's post.

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  1. WOW you guys sure have been busy! But looks like you have had a wonderfully fun start to your summer. Hope to see you soon so we can catch up. hmmm maybe we need to make appointments to visit each other LOL