Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Outer Banks

On Saturday, we decided to pack up the kids and van and head to the beach! We stopped in for a bite to eat at the PIT...awesome wraps! When Danny got his, he said I think this thing might weight close to 6 pounds! It was HUGE and not expensive at all! Once our bellies were full, we continued down the road towards Cape Hatteras. We didn't go quite that far...instead we found a spot in Rodanthe that had good waves for the guys to surf. Cassie splashed around in the water, Colin was very confident with his little board, and Danny and Cam spent most of their time in the line up catching waves. As for me, well, me and sand don't get along. I don't like it, I don't think it likes me, but since everyone but me loves the beach and I don't want to miss seeing how much fun they're having, I have to deal with it for a few hours. So, I just stand at the waters edge and take pictures and before I know it they're ready to go. My darling hubby brings jugs of water to rinse all that yucky sand off me so I don't complain all the way home...I'd like to say that he brings the water for me, but he doesn't...he brings it to minimize the amount of sand in the van!

Colin's excitement was worth the sand! He was trilled with every wave he rode to shore. He'd say, "Mommy, watch me...check this out...watch this!" He was so proud of himself and felt like one of the big guys.

Cassie ran from every wave at first. But once I showed her the little critters that would bury themselves after each wave she quickly became interested in catching them.

The last few times we've gone to the beach Cam has attempted the surf board and this time he actually got a decent wave and was able to get vertical on the board.

What can I say...Daddy is proud that his baby girl can ride with him! From the look on her face in this picture she was enjoying the ride. When she got to shore, she let me know that she was upset with Daddy for doing a duck dive with her.

This is her telling me she got water in her mouth and she was never going surfing again! This is the same reaction every time she goes surfing with Daddy, but every time we go, she asks if Daddy will take her!

Since we had gone to the beach so late in the day, we got to enjoy a beautiful sunset! This was definitely a God sighting!


  1. Precious pictures! Loved the sunset. Looks like y'all had a great day!!!

    Love, Jackie

  2. Wow, this is truly a wonderful web-site. It makes me just wanna get up and move to N.C. California misses y'all. So tell me I need a good drop biscuit recipe, do you have one be'in the fine southern woman that you are. Much love, Scott, Kathleen, Kevin and Kaitlyn.