Saturday, October 15, 2011

Knife Block

There are SO many cool ideas out there and I came across this one on Pinterest. A couple of people mentioned Pinterest on their blog and I thought I'd take a peek! This is just one of the cool ideas I came across!

I painted my knife block green...bright green...and monogrammed it with a "C"! This knife block was a thrift store find and it wasn't pretty, but held a lot more knives then the one I had! I paid $2 for the knife block and already had the paint on hand, so I thought, "Why not...jazz my knife block up a little...right?" If I didn't like it, I wasn't really out much!

This is what it looks like with my mismatched knife collection! I love it! Between my bright yellow walls, red apples decor, and the addition of the green knife block, my kitchen is my favorite room!

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