Monday, October 10, 2011

Sweet Golden Deliciousness

What is that giant one gallon pickle jar filled with? Now at first glance you might think it's filled with refreshing sun tea. Now, I'll admit a glass of sun tea on a hot day is quite refreshing, but this jar is far more valuable! This jar is filled with sweet golden deliciousness...HONEY! I actually got 2 full jars that are not only beautiful, but OH...SO...YUMMY! Some dear friends that live just down the street collected 22+ gallons of this gold!

These are large, well established hives and to watch these bees do their thing is just amazing. I hope to learn the art of bee keeping from this seasoned pro one day! Oh, fresh warm bread with butter and honey...a spoon full in a warm cup of tea...or (like my little ones) I could just eat a spoonful all by itself! MMMM!

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  1. YUM! I've been reading about bee keeping, although obviously we won't be doing that until we get our own place. I've been going through honey like crazy since I started making bread. Thankfully I found a place I can buy local in bulk. Still working on perfecting the bread thing. We've got soft wheat on order! Visit to the farmer's market in Boerne this weekend if all goes as planned. Hope y'all are doing well. Miss you!!!! xoxoxo