Friday, February 10, 2012

Chief's Academy

Forgive me for neglecting my blog. I spent so much time preparing to visit Danny in California where he's been for the last 6 weeks. Now that I'm here, he's had to show me everything he's experienced since he got here.

This is the view from our room of the morning fog rolling over the hills.

I was walking to the coffee shop and these guys crossed my path. There were 8 total and they just danced back and forth across the path in front of me.

While I was enjoying my coffee and the entertainment of the turkey, Danny was running a 10K. He crossed the finish line at 54 minutes and a few seconds. Yeah, Danny!

This pole that Danny is standing on is about 15 or so feet high (correction...30+ feet). Want to see what he had to do next?

He had to jump from the pole to that trapeze bar!

There is a spiders web of cable in the tops of these giant pine trees! I was amazed when I saw this COPE course. I couldn't believe how high the cables were. This was an important part of their training because, it challenged their abilities, they worked as a team, and it was fun. You'd think they were wearing hard hats in case of a fall, but there was a secondary protect them from the 5 pound pine cones that fell! Wouldn't want that to fall on my head! OUCH!

That's about all for now. We have to get ready to go to the ball! I'll be back on track soon!

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