Friday, February 3, 2012

Danny's T-shirt Quilt...Finally!

Last summer I put a memory quilt together for Cameron. Well, we had a little wanted one too! Danny began to think I was never going to get around to finishing his because a different project would jump to the head of the line. My poor hubby has watched me pull this project out and put it away a couple dozen times over the last 6 years. He'd had enough...he took Cameron's quilt ransom and refused to give it up until his was finished. He would snuggle in it and say to Cam...tell mom to finish mine so you can have yours.
We've just been so busy...I thought I could finish it for our anniversary, but that came and went. Then Danny asked, can I have it for Christmas? That came and went too! How about my birthday? Still couldn't get it finished! Danny left for California almost 5 weeks ago for training at the Chief's Academy...well, I've had to keep myself busy and guess what was first on my priority list? How about for graduation, dear?

Once I got the shirts from his childhood, high school years, years in the service, t-ball and soccer coaching, scouts, ski trips, family reunion, and a couple special pieces of the kids clothes all put together for the top, my neighbor and friend offered to let me use her long arm Gammill to quilt it! WOW...can I just say that is an intimidating machine! It only took me a moment to remember how how frustrating it was to quilt Cam's on my little machine...intimidating was worth it!

I have to share this, it took me a week to quilt Cam's and 7 hours to quilt Danny's! Most of that time was me getting comfortable with the new equipment! Danny's quilt is about 18 in. longer and wider than Cam's...there's no way I would have been able to finish it on my machine!

I'm glad it's finished and I can't wait to give it to him! No more t-shirt quilts for a while. Although, Colin did ask me, "Ma, when I get Cam's age will you make me a quilt with my shirts!" How can you not say yes to such a sweet request?! Thankfully I have some time!

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  1. As the proud recipient of it, I'd like to offer you in return a week in California touring San Fransisco to Los Angeles. You get to eat at all your favorite places, the V.I.P. suite at the barracks :-) and a fancy schmancy dinner/graduation with me. And finally the grand prize: the rest of your life also with me. I love you Hun. Thanks for finally finishing. I can't wait to freeze to death and finally get to use it for survival like I did every winter night before I left for California last month.

  2. Love the quilt! I am working on one for each of my kids too. I guess I should add in the husband...

  3. I love this. I have started o my first t-shirt quilt and am on shaky ground. Hopefully it will turn out as good as yours. I am excited though to see how it turns out. :) Thanks.